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Ahead of the Game: How the UK Plans To Be Energy Efficient

The UK government has been thinking ahead! Efforts to reduce carbon footprint, even before the UN Summit is held, the UK already began to create a more sustainable energy system.

A new plan was drafted to reduce up to 68% in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, in comparison to 1990, as announced by the Prime Minister in early December, just days before the UN Summit.

Curious as to how the UK is going to pull off this ambitious plan? Keep reading to find out!


The plan

It is essential first to understand what the plan is.

In 2020 alone, the average temperature in the UK has risen compared to previous years. It’s no wonder officials feel a sense of urgency to stay ahead of the climate change. To address the urgency, the government is taking concrete steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The UK’s journey towards efficiency is detailed in the Prime Minister’s Ten-Point Plan to propel the country into a green revolution.

Not only do they plan on reducing carbon emissions, but the plan is predicted to create almost 250,000 jobs by the end of the decade. Through green policies and investing in sustainable, technological innovations, the UK is taking the lead in building a better, cleaner world.

Are you ready to go even greener?


Green Homes Grant Scheme

Many policies and incentives are being and have been implemented in response to creating a greener, more efficient UK. As for England, the Green Homes Grant Scheme was implemented.


How will the Green Homes Grant Work?

Homeowners and landlord alike can apply for a voucher through the grant.

This voucher provides a monetary subsidy to households that require changing their heating systems. Homeowners can get anywhere from £5,000 to £10,000 to cover two-thirds of the cost of energy-efficient transitions.

How do you get the green deal approved?

Simply fill out an application form and provide a quote on repairs and replacements your home needs.

A household will be able to get a grant for primary measures for insulation such as solid walls, cavity walls, and park home insulation.

Low-carbon heat measures are also considered sustainable, so air source heat pumps, biomass boilers, and ground source heat pumps are included.

For more information about the specific measures, you can get fixed or replaced, visit the official government website. If you’re interested in affordable insulation in the UK, visit Euro Energy Group to view your options.


What you can do to help the cause

Tackling climate change as an individual seems daunting – with good reason.

With so many technical things to consider, solving climate change is not a single person’s job. But, there are steps one can take to help the cause.

Here are some ways you can help create a more sustainable world today:


– Make use of government grants

If able, take advantage of government grants that help improve your home to be more energy-efficient and in turn, improve the environment.

Not all household will be able to afford to do so, but if you can, go right ahead!


– Make your voice heard

Is your district not going green?

Call up your Member of Parliament, councillors, and local mayors and let them know how significant climate change is for you.


– Avoid flying as often

One of the largest carbon emission contributors are aeroplanes.

If you can, avoid having to fly in and out of the country. Try adopting video-conferencing methods at all costs.


– Use public transport

For other forms of transportation, consider using public transport such as trains and buses. Perhaps even opting for an electric vehicle.


Going green for a better future

There are many other things you can do as an individual to reduce your carbon footprint. Although the road is long and tiring, taking steps towards sustainability secures a better future for you and the generations to come.

To find out how you can take advantage of the UK’s plan to be energy efficient, get in touch with us at Euro Installation to learn more.