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What is an insurance backed guarantee in relation to the eco4 scheme?

An Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) within the context of the ECO4 scheme represents a significant pillar of reassurance and security for both homeowners and installers engaged in energy-saving improvements. The ECO4 scheme is the latest iteration of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) program, which emphasises reducing carbon emissions and tackling fuel poverty by funding energy […]

What does the new Home Energy Model, set to replace the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) next year,  mean for landlords in the private rented sector?

The introduction of the new Home Energy Model, poised to replace the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) next year, marks a significant shift in the landscape of the private rented sector, particularly for landlords. This change is not just a procedural update; it’s a clear signal of the increasing emphasis on energy efficiency and environmental sustainability […]

Supporting Clients To Unlock Additional Value In Property Portfolios: The ECO4 Funding Advantage

In the dynamic landscape of property investment, landlords and investors often seek innovative strategies to enhance the value of their portfolios. One such strategy, increasingly pivotal in today’s market, involves leveraging the Energy Company Obligation (ECO4) funding. Financial advisors, with their expertise and foresight, play a crucial role in guiding their clients towards these lucrative […]

Stay Warm and Healthy: How ECO4 Grants Can Improve Your Home and Well-being

Are you a homeowner or tenant living with medical conditions that worsen in the cold? The struggle to keep warm during chilly months isn’t just uncomfortable—it can be a serious health risk. Conditions such as asthma, and heart disease can see significant flare-ups due to cold living environments. However, there’s good news on the horizon […]

Simple Steps to a Greener Home: How You Can Make a Difference

As we navigate the path to more sustainable living, the concept of retrofitting – or upgrading our homes to be more energy-efficient – is becoming increasingly important. However, the journey to a greener home doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. Euro Energy Group is here to guide you through straightforward measures that can significantly […]