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First Time Central Heating

First time Central Heating grants are available for the installation of central heating systems into homes which do not have, and have not previously had a central heating system. For the purposes of the ECO Scheme and to qualify for first time central heating grants, the new central heating system to be installed must be a system which provides space heating through a boiler, connected to radiators.

What is first time central heating?

Central heating is the main way most houses across the UK are heated and as the name suggests, heat is generated in one ‘central’ place and then distributed around the property. If your property uses electricity to heat your home you may find that your bills are becoming increasingly more expensive.  

You may be eligible for grant funding to help cover the cost of installing a new gas central heating system in domestic premises which have never had a central heating system.

Heating grants have been available on the Government ECO scheme for a number of years however, you can now also apply for funding to install a gas central heating system, complete with pipes and radiators.

An average property using electric radiators can save up to £1,000 per year by moving to a brand new efficient gas central heating system. 

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Most properties will save an average of £350 - £1,000 a year when replacing plug-in Electric Heaters, Electric Storage Heaters, Coal Fires or Gas Fires with a new, more efficient heating system.


Benefits of loft insulation

Loft insulation may seem straight-forward, you simply add a layer to the top of your house and it keeps the heat in right? Well actually loft insulation brings a few other benefits when installed correctly. In addition to superior thermal performance, proper loft insulation can help:

So, while keeping the heat in during winter is a key benefit, loft insulation offers a range of advantages that can make your home more comfortable and efficient year-round.