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Retrofit & Energy Efficiency Advice

The average UK household spends £1,500 on energy each year, with around £600 of that going towards heating and cooling our homes. Retrofitting your home can help reduce this cost, as well as your home’s carbon footprint.

What is Retrofit?

Retrofit is the assessment of energy in an existing property, and the installation of new material and technology in order to reduce the amount of energy needed to occupy that building.

Euro Energy Group are strong advocates of the a ‘whole-house’ approach to retrofit as the only option to provide the most benefit to a property and occupiers; resulting in huge financial, health and environmental advantages.


Retrofitting can deliver health benefits such as reduced exposure to cold, damp, and poor indoor air quality.

The Benefits Of Retrofitting Your Home

Retrofitting your home can help reduce energy consumption and emissions, saving you money on your fuel bills in the process.

Retrofit your home for lower bills and a smaller carbon footprint. Euro Energy Group is dedicated to helping homeowners find the best way to retrofit their property, with information on grants available, case studies.

Make your home a comfort zone – for your wallet and the planet!

Schedule a free consultation with a friendly Retrofit expert today. We'll discuss ways to make your home more energy-efficient, helping you save money on bills and reduce your environmental impact.

Our Retrofit Approach

We believe that only an inclusive overhaul will provide property owners with all these advantages, so they strive for this across their entire portfolio in order invest wisely and protect against climate change while also saving money on bills!

It is important to plan ahead when retrofitting a property. From reducing air leaks, ventilation and insulation of the fabric in order for you not only have peace-of mind but also lower your utility bills too!  If this sounds interesting or something that could work well with properties then we encourage more information so they can get started on their next great project today.

The Retrofit program at this firm focuses on installing new material and technology in order reduce your household’s requirement for resources, while also saving you money!


euro insulation

Loft insulation fitting

euro insulation

Mineral fibre material

Installing loft insulation is like unrolling a rug. A mineral fibre material is laid between the joists and then over the joists in your loft or roof space. This thick material captures heat normally lost through the roof and stops draughts getting in. If you already have loft insulation that is 100mm or less, you could still benefit from a top-up. 

euro insulation

Tanks and pipe insulation

Our installers take care to work around tanks and pipes ensuring they are also adequately insulated as part of the process. Our team will also check there is enough ventilation between the roof and newly laid insulation. This ventilation is necessary as we want to avoid condensation forming in the now cold roof space.

euro insulation

Average instalation time

Laying insulation is usually a straight-forward job for our experienced installers, but we make sure we cover all bases to ensure there are no surprises when we carry out our initial site-visit.  It roughly takes up to 2 hours to install loft Insulation in an average three-bedroom house. Larger homes and bungalows may take a little longer..