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Electric Storage Heaters

Most electrically heated homes in the UK have storage heaters. These use cheaper off-peak electricity to heat up during the night, and then release heat into the home during the day when it is needed. Thanks to the Government’s ECO  scheme, those on low income benefits can replace their electric room heating or upgrade inefficient storage heaters 100% free of charge. Check your eligibility today and stop paying over the odds for your heating!

What are electric storage heaters?

Storage heaters are electric heaters designed to retain heat energy and release that heat slowly throughout the day. The storage system is quite clever in its design and is made for customers that are on a ‘time-of-use’ electricity tariff, such as Economy 7.

As electricity costs less during off-peak hours, storing heat in ceramic bricks overnight will cost less than attempting to heat your home throughout the day. Many older storage heating systems were not as efficient in design as they could have been, and over time the heating core also breaks down making them even less efficient. New electric storage heating systems now have to meet strict regulations and are much more energy efficient. 

As electricity is more expensive than gas, using storage heaters are only really cost-effective if you don’t have mains gas. Euro Energy Group are also able to replace electric heating systems with gas central heating, or simply update your current storage system to maximise efficiency.  

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Modern storage heaters are to 27% cheaper to run than a standard storage heater system and up to 47% compared to an electric convector heater.

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Should I replace my old storage heater?

Yes – but look at other heating options first. Although new storage heaters are not cheap, they are more efficient than they used to be in a number of ways, so running costs will be cheaper.

If you have old storage heaters, the insulation around the heating core may well have broken down over time and this will affect their efficiency.

Benefits of replacing electric storage heaters

High heat-retention storage heaters can retain more heat than traditional models; up to 45% 24 hours after they were last charged. This means you’re less likely to be cold come the evening.

Newer models also have been refined to iron out some of the problems with older models. They are more efficient and cheaper to run for the reasons below;

Central heating is the main way most houses across the UK are heated and as the name suggests, heat is generated in one ‘central’ place and then distributed around the property through radiators. If your property uses electricity to heat your home you may find that your bills are becoming increasingly more expensive.
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First time central heating

You may be considering making the switch from a Plug-In Electric System to a Gas Central Heating System with radiators in your home.

Euro Insulation are able to advise you on the best way to go about this and how you can take advantage of grants available to First Time Central Heating customers.