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LA Flex

Local Authority Flex within the context of the Eco4 scheme is an innovative approach designed to extend the benefits of the program to more households, particularly those that might not meet the traditional eligibility criteria based on income or receipt of specific benefits. See below for how it works.

The Basics of Local Authority Flex

Imagine the government has a big pot of money set aside to help make homes more energy-efficient, which can save people money on their energy bills and make their homes warmer. Normally, to get some of this money to help with your home, you’d need to be receiving certain benefits or have a low income. But there’s a problem: some people who really need the help might not fit neatly into those boxes.

That’s where “Local Authority Flex” comes in. It’s like the local councils have been given a special key to unlock the funding for more people. They can look at their community and say, “We know our area best, and we know there are more people here who could really benefit from this scheme but currently don’t qualify under the standard rules.”

LA Flex

LA Flex aims to help more homeowners and private tenants improve the energy efficiency of their homes, even if they don't qualify for the standard ECO criteria.

LA Flex

How It Expands Eligibility

Local authorities can use this flexibility to define their own criteria for who qualifies for funding. This might include considerations like:

People living in areas that are really cold or have a lot of homes that lose heat quickly.

Households that have a slightly higher income but still struggle with high energy bills.

Families that have special circumstances, like a member with a health condition that means they need to keep their home warmer than others.

The Goal

The main aim is to make sure more homes get the improvements they need, like better insulation, more efficient heating systems, or even renewable energy solutions. This not only helps individual households by making homes warmer and reducing bills but also contributes to wider environmental goals by cutting down on energy use and carbon emissions.

Who Qualifies for LA Flex?

Under the Eco4 scheme’s “Local Authority Flex” (LA Flex) mechanism, eligibility criteria are broadened beyond the standard national requirements, allowing local authorities to identify and support households that might not traditionally qualify for energy efficiency funding.

This flexibility means that local councils can set their own criteria based on the specific needs of their communities, aiming to include more people who could benefit from energy-saving improvements in their homes. While the exact criteria can vary between different local authorities, here are some common types of households that might qualify under LA Flex:

Moderate Income Households – Families with a moderate income that’s slightly too high to meet the national benefits-based eligibility but still struggle to afford their energy bills.

Vulnerable to Cold Homes – Individuals or families who are particularly vulnerable to the health impacts of cold homes, such as the elderly, those with young children, or individuals with certain medical conditions that are exacerbated by the cold.

Living in Energy Inefficient Homes – Households living in properties with poor energy efficiency, such as those with old, inefficient heating systems, lack of insulation, or single-glazed windows, which are not typically covered under other criteria.

High Energy Costs – Those who spend a significant portion of their income on energy bills, leading to financial strain, even if they do not meet the typical low-income criteria.

Specific Local Priorities – Local authorities may also identify specific groups within their community that they believe are in need of support due to unique local circumstances or challenges.


Local Authority Flex" under the Eco4 scheme is about giving local councils the power to help more people get access to funding for making their homes more energy-efficient. It recognises that sometimes, the people who can make the best decisions about who needs help are those who know the community best. We can help you confirm eligibility and access funding - get in touch today.