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Solar PV

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels come fully equipped with all parts guaranteed, and ready to use right after install so you can see the immediate benefit to your home. Euro Energy Group only install high quality products from reliable manufacturers.

Are they suitable for my home?

Solar PV panels are a great fit for most homes, generating clean energy to power your everyday needs. And, for times when your panels produce more electricity than you use, consider adding battery storage.

This allows you to store excess solar power and use it later in the day or at night, further reducing your reliance on the grid and maximising your energy savings.


Solar panels can still generate a significant portion of their rated power output under overcast skies, meaning you can benefit from solar energy generation even in the UK's not-so-sunny weather.

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Benefits of Solar PV

Loft insulation may seem straight-forward, you simply add a layer to the top of your house and it keeps the heat in right? Well actually loft insulation brings a few other benefits when installed correctly. In addition to superior thermal performance, proper loft insulation can help:

How do Solar Panels work?

Solar PV panels use photovoltaic cells to capture the sun’s energy. A solar PV system usually comprises solar panels, an inverter, isolator switches, a PV-generation meter and cables.

Solar panels are made of a thin layer of semi-conducting material sandwiched between a sheet of glass and a polymer resin. When exposed to daylight, the semi-conducting material becomes “energised” and this produces electricity.

PV cells don’t need direct sunlight to work and can still generate some electricity on cloudy days.

By installing solar PV you will reduce your home’s carbon footprint and protect your finances from rising energy bills.

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Solar PV and EVS

The pinnacle of a home energy system is one that incorporates solar PV, battery storage and electric vehicle charging. This not only reduces the environmental footprint of your home, but it can do the same for your transport emissions as well. We’re seeing lots of electric vehicle owners wanting to run their cars on solar, rather than grid electricity, once they’ve gone electric.

Our range of EV Chargers are a great way of diverting excess solar electricity into your electric vehicle rather than back to the grid. It works particularly well if you are parked at home during the day.

Why choose Euro Energy Group?

Euro Energy Group have installed photovoltaic systems for every type of customer and on every roof type.

We offer solar panels for your home, and we now have 1000s of happy customers.

We’re pioneers of solar installations for community energy schemes.

We’ve installed more community energy than any other company in the country.

We help promote solar schools, and build them too. More than 100 so far, and counting!

We install solar panels for businesses, offering great returns on investment. We’re experts in live retro-fitting, so no interruptions to your operations.

Our most rewarding work comes from solar for the public sector – providing solar for social housing schemes and helping reduce fuel poverty


Economics of Solar PV roofs

Solar panels are the cheapest way of providing electricity to a building, and you generate electricity right where it is needed.  Over the lifetime of a PV system the electricity produced is 2-4 times cheaper than buying from the grid.

There are a number of ways to benefits financially once you have purchased your solar PV system

Using your solar generated electricity means you are not buying from your supplier anymore, at 15p/kWh for households (10p/kWh for businesses)

If you don’t use the electricity, it is exported back to the grid. The Smart Export Guarantee pays up to 5.5p/kWh

Because it is financially more attractive to use electricity yourself, rather than export it, there are a number of tricks to get the most from your solar.  This include diverting excess electricity, to a battery, to an electric car via the Zappi charger, or into your hot water tank.



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