Smart Meter Installation

Install a smart meter today and enjoy the ease of knowing how much power you're using. 23 million have already been installed across England, Scotland and Wales!

What are the benefits of Smart Meters?

Many people are unaware that the way they use energy can have an impact on their bills. Smart meters give consumers control of these bills and allow them to take efficiency measures which could save money in price increases or lower rates for future usage, all without sacrificing service!

With smart meters, consumers can control their energy use and encourage saving on costs by adopting efficiency measures that protect against price hikes.

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How Smart Meters Work?

Smart gas and electricity meters can record half-hourly price data, as well as consumption levels to help you monitor your utility bills. With this information at hand the energy supplier will provide automatic meter readings that are more accurate than those obtained through traditional methods.

Smart meters are a key component of today's energy infrastructure. They can register your consumption and provide automatic readings to suppliers, but they do more than just count up how much you use! These advanced devices also record data on price fluctuations so that when time comes for the bill there will be no surprises.

The smart meter can provide more accurate information about how much you're using. The reading will also be sent automatically via the smart meter app, so there's no need for round-the clock monitoring on your part!

Smart Meter Installation Eligibility

23 Million homes across England, Scotland and Wales have smart meters installed.

You could upgrade to a smart meter right today, but specific criteria can determine your eligibility. For example, the area of the UK in which you reside, the type of house you live in and the current energy efficiency condition of your home. 

Certain homes aren't energy-efficient and may need home improvement upgrades to reap the benefits of a smart meter. 

Contact our team of experts to discuss your options.

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Are Smart Meters Even Worth It?

The more energy efficient our homes are, the lower they cost us! Get in touch with your local utility company to find out when installing new smart meters will be available. You'll save money by getting these devices installed.  It's a great opportunity for savings so don't miss out on this chance anymore time-saving idea that can help cut down costly bills while also reducing carbon emissions.

How Safe Is The Installation?

All of our team are fully qualified and adhere to specific health and safety standards. The engineers at Euro Energy Group comply with the Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice. If have any smart meter installation worries speak to our team today to get all of your questions answered by professionals.

Will I Be Charged For Smart Meter Installation?

You'll be able to choose your own time for the installation, and it won't cost you anything. You will not be charged for the installation.

Do I Have To Change Energy Provider?

No, you don't have to switch energy providers to install a smart meter. Consumers can switch energy suppliers no matter which type of meter they have. Smart meters can make switching energy suppliers easier, without any interruption to energy readings or bill payments.

Can Your Team Remove My Old Meter?

When the engineer arrives, they will check that your boiler and other gas appliances are working properly. He or she might take readings from old meters in order to make sure you have accurate account balances before removing them- this ensures accuracy for billing purposes!

What Benefits Do Prepayment Customers See?

This is the perfect solution for people who don't like surprises. With this app, customers can top up automatically so that if their power goes out at night or when shops are shut-they won’t be left without electricity!