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Boiler Upgrade

Heating bills account for about 55% of what we spend in a year on energy bills, so it makes sense to ensure you have the most efficient boiler that will help you save money. Today’s central heating boilers are much better than the old ones. They can heat water more efficiently, meaning they use less gas or oil to do the same job.

Why should you upgrade your boiler?

Well-maintained boilers will burn fuel very efficiently, using less energy to heat your home and can save you £100’s on your energy bills each year. Many homes still have outdated non-condensing boilers which at best are only 60%-70% efficient, meaning 30%-40% of the energy produced is completely wasted.

Multiply this wastage by an entire street, town or the whole of the UK, and it’s clear to see why the Government have stepped in to handle the growing energy crisis. Modern boilers are now about 90% efficient that’s much better. It also means there’s much less CO² being released into the atmosphere from the wasted gas.

The combination of a new, efficient Combi-Boiler and a responsive and programmable digital controller reduces your energy consumption, saves you money and ensures you avoid boiler breakdowns for the foreseeable future.

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Outdated non-condensing boilers are at best only 60%-70% efficient, meaning 30%-40% of the energy produced is completely wasted

What type of boiler will I get?

Our team have been working in this industry for many years and will be able to advise you directly which boiler is right for you. That being said, the majority of our customers will receive the following when they upgrade.