Corporate Social Responsibility - Euro Energy Group

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Here at Euro Energy Group, we are slightly biased towards one of our core values – MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

How Euro Energy Group Makes a Difference

It is the reason Euro Energy Group was founded, and will always play a central role in our growth and impact. Euro Energy Group will always strive to make a profit whilst delivering the best value for money.

It is what we do with our profit that matters. For that reason, Euro Energy Group commits to spending AT LEAST 10% of our profit to a variety of worthy causes. This commitment is core to our values and ensures that we are making a positive impact on the communities we serve, not just through the services we provide, but also through the financial support we offer to those in need.

A simple guide to our Corporate Social Responsibility Framework

Our People

Maintaining a positive workplace ethos, investing in personal & professional growth, and  safeguarding the well-being of our people.

Our World

Protecting the environment, supporting our eco-system and managing the impact on our natural world.

Our Community

Building up our communities by boosting funds, giving our time and raising awareness; targeting those that need us the most.

The Another Chance Foundation

The Another Chance Foundation is Euro Energy Group’s own charitable creation. It is founded and financed by our owner, Immy. It is managed by a select group of Trustees, whom share the drive and desire to help those in need of ANOTHER CHANCE.

Immy is open and honest about the personal challenges that infused the insight and obsession to guide others through trials and tribulations. The foundation develops the platforms and opportunities in which others of all ages can benefit from being given ANOTHER CHANCE to turn their life towards a brighter future. Particular focus on; youth, homelessness, addiction, unemployment and poor mental well-being.


Solving problems takes a joint approach and shared responsibility. We seek out and partner with organisations that have a robust commitment and energy to deliver real, sustainable change.

We welcome discussions with a diversity of partners; whether you are a charity with common aspirations or a school demonstrating the importance of our environment to students. Come and talk to us about your ideas!