WARMER FOR LIFE We install grant funded insulation and energy efficient heating systems to
households and communities throughout the UK.
about us

From our humble beginnings in the heart of Lancashire, to becoming one of the UK’s most trusted installers, we are fully licensed, accredited and meet all required UK building regulations.

Euro Energy Group was created from a passion to make a real difference in people’s lives; those in our team, to the ones whose homes we service. We aim to reduce the stress on your daily lives and maintain our vision of being an ethical, environmentally friendly company. 

Our mission is to help people reduce their fuel bills by heating and insulating homes, creating warm, comfortable, and affordable living for families across the UK.

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We’re more than aware of how our combined carbon footprints are causing issues around the globe – resulting in devastating consequences for the environment. At Euro Energy Group we firmly believe that it is the responsibility of every single person to work together to slow-down and eventually halt the (soon-to-be irreversible) damage that is being done.

Climate change is one of the biggest threats to our precious earth and our very existence. If we don’t take action now, our children, and our children’s children will be paying the consequences for our ignorance.

In the UK the government is taking steps to reduce energy waste by supporting homeowners and tenants to reduce their own carbon footprint by improve the efficiency of their homes. Not only do individuals stand to benefit from reduced costs, but when you take into consideration thousands of homes being improved, the result is a huge positive impact on the environment.

Euro Energy Group was created solely to minimise damage being caused to our environment and we are passionate about helping you become a part of the universal effort to save our future.

We will continue to explore further ways in which we can do so. Watch this space!

We have national reach and complete installs across England, Scotland and Wales.

Fully compliant with the government response to the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) programme.

Staff have significant experience beyond the energy efficiency sector and are highly versed in building and engineering.

All engineers and installers are Gas Safe registered, upholding the quality standards required.


This is not just about improving homes and social housing; this is about helping to improve the lives of everybody, but more specifically those from disadvantaged and low-income communities. We believe everybody should have the opportunity to invest in their home and reduce their everyday running costs.

The impact of fuel poverty and poor quality housing on an person is overwhelming. It has a bearing on physical well-being, mental health and wellness not to mention lowering the financial resilience needed to safeguard their future for themselves or their families.

When you are in poverty and energy bills continue to increase, it’s a downward spiral. You cannot build up savings, you cannot invest in improvements, access to opportunities are low and you’re one unexpected breakdown cost away from losing everything.

Grants and funding being available to support home improvements have already proven to work effectively and the long-term benefits are unarguably significant.

With 2020 being tumultuous as it has been, the effects of an economic downturn mean we must strive to support our communities. We will ensure we’re there for those that need us most.


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Immy Valentino

Managing Director

Immy used to work ‘down-under’ for many years where he first developed a passion for renewable energy. Returning to the UK, he decided to set up his own business, one that was dedicated to reducing fuel poverty and minimising environmental damage. He’s always working and does not stop, The Duracell Bunny has nothing on him!

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Zak Khan


Zak is a long-term strategic thinker and is at the forefront of leading change, generating growth and creating strong partnerships. Zak ensures Euro Energy Group flourishes with the community and environmental ambitions at the centre of our work.

Bashir Kideiwala

Non-executive director

Bashir has worked as a consultant with KMPG at BAE Systems, he held a full security clearance and worked across many of their sites in the UK. He’s worked in the USA, Africa & Middle East. He now supports us with everything finance-related in our business. 

John Woodruffe


Business development specialist with an extensive knowledge in manufacturing, from developing Short to long term business plans to the implementation of Lean through site and corporate wide organisations. Complete business diagnostic and health checks available to help develop the business solution. 

Stephen Windle

Business Development

Stephen is likely to be speaking to you if you’re a business that has partnered with us, or you’re considering working with us. Stephen thrives off building rapport with clients and he’s often found telling terrible jokes around the office.

Nicole Birtwell

Head of eco

Nicole does not function without coffee, and we try to avoid her before 9am. Her role is to work closely with Energy Companies on behalf of Euro Energy Group to ensure all installs we submit are compliant.

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Martyn Cook

Operations Manager

Martyn is truly the backbone of our business! He’s the king of process and heavily involved in everything we do here at Euro Energy Group. He’s the man in the know and ensures everything runs without a hitch day-to-dayl.

Brent Milner

cavity wall
Operations Manager

Brent is our cavity Wizard! With decades of industry experience there’s no obstacle (or in this case wall) too big or too small that he can’t overcome. You will more than likely see Brent out on site over seeing the Cavity Wall insulation installations.

euro insulation

Megan Fleming

Finance Manager

Megan may come across quiet at first, but once you get to know her, she quickly shows her cheeky side. Since she’s joining Euro she’s made a huge difference to the business and we’re glad to have her on board. 

euro insulation

Caroline Hall


Caroline is in charge of all things Accounts, HR and Safety over here at Euro Energy Group. Where she operates mainly behind the scenes, you’re likely to come across Caroline when joining us as an employee.

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Natasha Birch

Domestic Business Development

Natasha aka ‘Tasha’ will go above and beyond for any single customer without giving a second thought. Most customers will speak to her as soon as they contact Euro Energy Group and she will give you all information and advice you’ll ever need.

Annaliese Howell

Eco Administrator

Annaliese is our Eco Administrator. Annaliese works closely with Nicole ensuring all work carried out by our staff is compliant and submitted perfectly.

Lindsey-Jo Pugh

Administrator & PA

Lindsey is our Head Office Administrator & PA. Whether we are calling to arrange a survey, an install, to gather any information or to arrange appointments and meetings for the Directors. Lindsey will be the bright and bubbly voice you hear on the end of the phone.

Brian Hinchliffe

Operations Assistant

Brian is the newest member to join our team. He works closely with Martyn to ensure all jobs are inspected and processed efficiently liaising with our suppliers and installers. He also loves a practical joke…. Something he failed to mention during interview. 

Faith The Dog

head of woof insulation

Every business needs a head of  happiness and our Chief Floofster Faith was the obvious candidate. She monitors Woof Insulation on site and ensures all our professional installers are kept on their paws. She may be one of the newest members of the family but she’s very quickly becoming our most favourite. 

Our Offices

Our Head Office is located in the heart of Lancashire in the historic mill town of Accrington with our Southern Office based in the tranquil village of Teston, Kent.

With our offices and staff being located at each end of the country we are able to comfortably and efficiently service the entire UK mainland.

Head Office – Globe Centre, Accrington

Southern Office – Zenith Suite, Kent