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Loft Insulation

Insulating your loft space is a very simple but effective way to minimise the unnecessary and costly loss of heat from your home.

How does loft insulation work?

Heat loss in your home can often be traced to an uninsulated or inadequately insulated loft. Adding insulation is a very simple but effective way you can minimise that loss of heat and ultimately save yourself money.

This is because it traps the heat inside the rooms below, meaning the air you heat stays within the house longer. Once adequately insulated you’ll be able to heat your home to the chosen temperature faster, saving both energy and money. The thicker your loft insulation is, the more effective it will be. An insulation depth of 270mm is recommended.

How much could you save?

According to the Energy Saving Trust, you can also save money on your yearly bills if your loft has been properly insulated. Based on your house type, you can save the following;

  • Detached House £215
  • Semi-Detached House £130
  • Mid-Terraced House £115
  • Bungalow £185

On average 25% of the heat in your home is lost through the roof when they are left uninsulated.


Benefits of loft insulation

Loft insulation may seem straight-forward, you simply add a layer to the top of your house and it keeps the heat in right? Well actually loft insulation brings a few other benefits when installed correctly. In addition to superior thermal performance, proper loft insulation can help:

So, while keeping the heat in during winter is a key benefit, loft insulation offers a range of advantages that can make your home more comfortable and efficient year-round.

Loft insulation fitting

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Mineral fibre material

Installing loft insulation is like unrolling a rug. A mineral fibre material is laid between the joists and then over the joists in your loft or roof space. This thick material captures heat normally lost through the roof and stops draughts getting in. If you already have loft insulation that is 100mm or less, you could still benefit from a top-up. 

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Tanks and pipe insulation

Our installers take care to work around tanks and pipes ensuring they are also adequately insulated as part of the process. Our team will also check there is enough ventilation between the roof and newly laid insulation. This ventilation is necessary as we want to avoid condensation forming in the now cold roof space.

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Average instalation time

Laying insulation is usually a straight-forward job for our experienced installers, but we make sure we cover all bases to ensure there are no surprises when we carry out our initial site-visit.  It roughly takes up to 2 hours to install loft Insulation in an average three-bedroom house. Larger homes and bungalows may take a little longer..