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Addressing Substandard Housing; A Solution,  Saving Billions for the NHS and Enhancing Quality of Life

An article recently published in Housing Today points out that in England addressing housing could lead to savings of £1.5 billion for the NHS and social care sector. The main concerns within these homes include issues like cold and dampness which can result in health complications such as respiratory ailments and heart disease. The report underscores the importance of a plan and the establishment of Good Home Hubs to offer assistance and resources for home renovations. This approach not only improves the health and well being of residents but also brings about substantial economic advantages by reducing healthcare expenses.

In the article Dr. Carole Easton OBE, CEO at the Centre for Ageing Better underscores the toll on older individuals residing in unhealthy living conditions, which can lead to severe injuries or even fatalities. She highlights that older adults are more likely to live in damp or cold environments putting them at risk for health issues such as asthma, arthritis, strokes and heart attacks.

Euro Energy Groups Role in Tackling These Challenges

The article presents concerning findings and urges government action towards developing a strategy to address substandard housing quality. To tackle the concerns raised in the report a key step would involve utilising the existing ECO4 program to upgrade homes with loft and wall insulation, heating controls and transitioning to renewable energy sources where feasible. 

The ECO initiative aims to assist those most in need including individuals accessing NHS services who suffer from health conditions worsened by living in cold homes, a demographic highlighted in the report. Euro Energy Group is well equipped to address these challenges outlined by offering a variety of services and funding options. The ECO4 scheme could play a role in addressing these issues through measures such as enhancing energy efficiency with insulation like loft and wall insulation and heating controls which can reduce related health risks and upgrading heating systems to more efficient options like modern electric storage heaters, for consistent warmth.

  • Funding and Financial Assistance;

Under the ECO4 Scheme households can receive support for energy efficiency upgrades through the Energy Company Obligation initiative. Euro Energy Group assists families in accessing these funds to cover expenses for improvements that reduce energy bills and enhance living conditions. This financial aid plays a role in supporting low income households and individuals facing fuel poverty by funding energy efficiency home enhancements.

  • Comprehensive Retrofit Services;

Euro Energy Group conducts evaluations of existing properties to identify energy inefficiencies and recommend upgrades. This comprehensive approach ensures that all aspects of a home’s energy consumption are optimised.

  • Installation and Maintenance;

Offering a range of energy solutions Euro Energy Group handles everything from installing solar panels to incorporating smart meters and air source heat pumps. These installations not only reduce carbon emissions but also contribute to long term sustainability and cost savings.

Long Term Advantages

Residents benefit in the long run from ECO4 scheme works by improving their ability to heat their homes efficiently and maintain temperatures once warmed up. The cost savings resulting from enhanced efficiency allow funds to be put towards other priorities, while homeowners may see improved property valuations due to better Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) as well as increased marketability, with lower operating costs. Some additional advantages are;

  • Health Benefits; 

Euro Energy Group tackles causes of cold and damp and poor conditions which can help prevent worsening health issues, like asthma and heart disease. Better insulation and heating systems create a more comfortable living space.

  • Cost Savings; 

Lower energy usage means lower energy bills giving households the chance to redeploy money to spend on other necessities. Moreover reduced healthcare costs for treating illnesses related to housing benefit the NHS and social care services.

  • Environmental Contribution; 

Improved energy efficiency and the use of energy saving solutions leads to decreased carbon emissions supporting both global climate objectives.

In Conclusion

Euro Energy Group is dedicated to enhancing living standards through energy efficiency measures and renewable energy solutions. By utilising the ECO4 program and offering assistance Euro Energy Group addresses the concerns highlighted in the report providing benefits in terms of health, finances and the environment. This proactive approach not only improves residences but also contributes to a healthier more sustainable future for the wider community.Call the Euro Energy Group team on 01254 945768 to discuss options available to you today.