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Common Questions Answered: Landlords and the ECO4 Scheme

For landlords navigating the complexities of property management, the Energy Company Obligation (ECO4) scheme offers an appealing avenue to enhance energy efficiency and tenant comfort. However, with this opportunity comes a host of questions and uncertainties. This comprehensive FAQ is designed to address the most common inquiries landlords have about the ECO4 scheme, from eligibility details to the impact on rental operations and strategies for leveraging the scheme across multiple properties. Our goal is to provide clear, authoritative answers to help resolve doubts and encourage landlords to confidently take the next steps toward participation.

1. Who Is Eligible for the ECO4 Scheme?

A: Landlords with properties in need of energy efficiency improvements can apply for the ECO4 scheme. The focus is on homes with poor energy performance and those occupied by low-income households or tenants receiving specific benefits. Both private and social landlords are eligible, provided their properties meet these criteria.

2. How Does Tenant Involvement Work?

A: Tenant cooperation is crucial for a successful application and implementation of ECO4 upgrades. Landlords must inform and, in some cases, obtain consent from their tenants for the energy efficiency improvements. It’s beneficial to highlight the advantages to tenants, such as potential savings on energy bills and increased comfort levels.

3. Will ECO4 Improvements Disrupt Rental Operations?

A: While the installation of energy efficiency measures may require temporary access to the property and could cause short-term disruptions, the long-term benefits far outweigh the inconvenience. Scheduling work during tenant turnover periods or in consultation with tenants to find the most convenient times can minimize disruptions.

4. Can I Apply for the ECO4 Scheme for Multiple Properties?

A: Yes, landlords with multiple eligible properties can apply for the ECO4 scheme for each of them. It’s an excellent opportunity to enhance the energy efficiency of your entire portfolio, although each property will need to meet the eligibility criteria and go through the application process individually.

5. What Types of Improvements Are Covered by the Scheme?

A: The ECO4 scheme covers a range of energy efficiency improvements, including but not limited to, loft and wall insulation, efficient heating systems, and in some cases, renewable energy solutions like solar panels. The specific upgrades approved will depend on the property’s current energy performance and the most cost-effective measures to enhance it.

6. How Will These Improvements Affect My Rental Value and Marketability?

A: Upgrading your property with ECO4-funded improvements can significantly enhance its rental value and marketability. Energy-efficient homes are increasingly attractive to tenants due to lower utility costs and increased comfort. These improvements can also lead to a higher Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating, further boosting your property’s appeal in the rental market.

7. Is There a Cost to Landlords for Participating in the ECO4 Scheme?

A: The ECO4 scheme aims to cover the costs of the recommended energy efficiency improvements. However, there may be instances where the funding does not cover the entire cost of the upgrades, and landlords may need to contribute to the expenses. It’s essential to discuss this with the scheme provider upfront to understand any potential financial commitments.

8. How Do I Start the Application Process?

A: To begin, ensure your property meets the eligibility criteria for the ECO4 scheme. Next, find an approved supplier who can conduct an energy assessment of your property and assist with the application process. The supplier will guide you through the necessary steps, including the assessment and submission of your application.


The ECO4 scheme represents a valuable opportunity for landlords to improve their properties’ energy efficiency, benefiting both their tenants and their bottom line. By addressing common questions and concerns, we hope to have demystified the process and motivated landlords to explore this avenue further. Investing in energy efficiency is not only a step towards sustainability but also a strategic move to enhance the competitiveness and value of your rental properties.