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Ohme Home

Stylish and simple to use…The Ohme Home has an attractive price, but the software really sets it apart helping to take away the hassle of charging your car. The advanced EV charging app also makes the Ohme perfect for use with time-of-use tariffs like Octopus Agile.

The Ohme doesn’t try to wow you with superficial styling, instead focusing on one mission – charging your car. Nonetheless, it is still a small and sleek charge point.
Dimensions – H239 x W89 x D53mm
Weight – 3.5kg

The Ohme is unlike most other charge points in that it uses a built-in 3G/4G mobile signal to connect to the Ohme data centre. This can be much more reliable than the WiFi connections of other EV chargers, especially if your charger will be located relatively far away from your home WiFi router. The data use is also free.

The Ohme features a small, but handy LCD screen as well as LED indicator lights which help you quickly identify the status of the the charger, such as charging, waiting to charge or if there’s an error.

The Ohme Home Charger is capable of charging your vehicle at 7.4kW, which works out around 30 miles of range each hour depending on your vehicle.

The Ohme Home Charger is a tethered charge point, which means its integrated cable is permanently attached. The Ohme cable length is five metres as standard.

The most advanced charging app

The Ohme Home Charger app does the hard work for you and can save you money on your car charging too.

By telling the Ohme app which electricity tariff you are on, it knows what the prices are and when the cheapest rates are available. This means it can automatically start and stop charging to help you save money on car charging. 

Simply tell the Ohme app how many miles you’d like adding to your vehicle by which time and let the Ohme do the rest. It will meet your desired target and charge at the cheapest electricity rates (depending on your energy supplier).

The Ohme’s ability to automatically charge your vehicle when electricity prices are low means it is the perfect companion for the Octopus Agile energy tariff. Octopus Agile prices follow wholesale costs with half hourly rates – the Ohme makes it easy to charge your EV on a time-of-use tariff like Agile.

Don’t want your vehicle to charge above a certain price, such as your peak day rate? Simply set a price cap in the app and the Ohme will not charge your EV unless prices fall below this limit.

The Ohme app knows how carbon intensive electricity production is at any given time. If you prefer, the Ohme can charge your vehicle when there is more renewable energy in the grid.

Plan charging around your off-peak electricity using the scheduling feature. For example, set the charger to charge your vehicle between the hours of 12am and 4am.


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