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Wallbox Pulsar Plus

The Wallbox Pulsar Plus is one of the best-selling EV charge points and it’s easy to understand why. It looks good, has a user-friendly app to control your charging schedules, and all at a competitive price.

The compact and minimalist design means the Wallbox Pulsar Plus offers a smart look without drawing too much attention.

Dimensions – H166 x W163 x D82mm

The Pulsar Plus incorporates both Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, giving you control over your charge point scheduling, as well as enabling over-the-air updates that improve reliability and features. In addition, Bluetooth is an excellent back-up to connect to your Wallbox in the event your WiFi is temporarily unavailable.

The Wallbox LED light ring helps you quickly identify the status of the charge point, such as charging, waiting to charge or if there’s an error.

Some charge points require the installation of a copper earth rod, or alternative device, at your property for safety reasons. But this can also add complexity and extra cost to the job. The Wallbox Pulsar Plus avoids the need for this thanks to its built-in PEN fault detection feature.

The Wallbox Pulsar Plus is capable of charging your vehicle at 7.4kW, which adds up to 30 miles of range each hour (vehicle dependent).

The Wallbox Pulsar Plus is a tethered charge point, which means its integrated cable is permanently attached. The Wallbox cable length is five metres as standard.

A simple app that puts you in control

The myWallbox app lets you decide how and when your car is charged. Want to charge overnight when your electricity prices are cheaper? No problem.

Choose when your car is charged. This allows you to take advantage of any cheaper rates your electricity provider offers, helping to reduce the cost of car charging.

Worried about strangers “pinching” your electricity via your EV charger? It’s very unlikely, but you can make it impossible by using the remote locking feature located in the myWallbox app.

Need your car to charge now? If your EV is plugged in, simply open the myWallbox app from anywhere in the world and start an instant charge.

You can adjust the rate at which your vehicle charges, such as reducing the rate from 32-amps to 16-amps. It’s a feature few will need, but a handy addition nonetheless.

See what your Wallbox is doing in real time, check that it is charging when it should, and review past charging sessions to get a cost estimate.

The Wallbox uses your home internet connection to get firmware and software updates, so it improves over time with bug fixes and new features.

No app necessary

While some charging features are available within the Tesla vehicle app, all the “hard work” of scheduling is managed within the vehicle itself.

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Tesla Ev Home Charging Point Installation Company

Tesla Wall Connector

Installation only
£ 480
prices from
  • Smaller and lighter than ever
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • Remote charging unlock
  • upto 22kW power output
  • 2.5-metre cable as standard

Wallbox Pulsar Plus

Stylish and simple to use.
£ 584
prices from
  • Small and lightweight
  • WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Built-in earthing protection
  • 7.4kW power output
  • Convenient 5-metre cable

Ohme Home

Smart and intuitive
£ 550
prices from
  • Slimline looks
  • Mobile data connection
  • LCD screen and LED lights
  • 7.4kW power output
  • 5-metre cable included

Sync EV

Small and discreet
£ 612
prices from
  • Small and discreet
  • WiFi
  • Built-in earthing protection
  • 7.4kW power output
  • LED Indicator

Easee One

Simplicity and functionality
£ 629
prices from
  • Beautifully compact
  • WiFi and mobile data
  • Built-in earthing protection
  • 7.4kW power output
  • Universal charging

Andersen A2

Premium charger & finish
£ 1200
prices from
  • Quality design and build
  • WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Unique cable storage
  • 7kW power output
  • 5.5m cable included